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What is Your Guarantee?

Check out how we guarantee that we've got you covered.

We know we are not perfect, and while it's not common, mistakes do happen.

But rest assured, all our help with you is backed by our A or B or Free Guarantee. Whether it is on a single assignment, exam, essay, or class we guarantee you an A or a B.

If in the case it is not achieved, our team will reach out to you and will provide you with the following options:

  1. A full refund to your original payment method
  2. A credit in the full amount paid plus and an additional 10% for any future requests you make with our team
  3. A complete personalized plan for longer-term relationships such as entire class bundles and degree accelerators

As part of our services, we also include these as free guarantees:

  • Additional revisions
  • Grammar and Spelling check
  • Plagiarism Report if needed